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Tarek EL Moussa slapped by Heather Rae El Moussa in hilarious comedy skit



Tarek EL Moussa confuses wife Heather Rae El Moussa with ex-wife Christina Hall in a humorous Instagram video

Tarek El Moussa shared a humorous video skit on his Instagram page on May 29, showcasing a comedic moment with his wife, Heather Rae El Moussa. The skit revolves around Tarek’s amusing confusion between Heather and his ex-wife, Christina Hall, leading to a playful slap from Heather.

In the video, Heather, 36, and Tarek, 42, are seen at a cafe where Heather asks Tarek to get her a chai latte while she finds a seat. As Tarek returns with the lattes, he mistakenly sits next to a woman he believes to be Heather, only to realize it is actually Christina Hall, 40, who is dressed identically to Heather in a long-sleeved shirt and white tennis skirt.

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The mix-up leads to a funny interaction where Tarek raises his hands defensively as Christina looks irritated. At this moment, Heather storms over, exclaiming, “Excuse me?” before playfully slapping Tarek on the face. Tarek then looks into the camera, rubbing his cheek, and admits, “Well, I guess it is confusing.”

Tarek captioned the clip humorously, writing, “Heather finally did what Christina has been wanting to do for years… can you guess what that is?” This playful reference to the slap added to the light-hearted nature of the skit.

The video quickly garnered attention, with Joshua Hall, Christina’s husband, responding with a facepalm emoji, to which Tarek replied with three laughing crying emojis. The interaction highlights the good-natured humour shared among the parties involved.

Heather Rae El Moussa, known for her role on “Selling Sunset,” and Tarek El Moussa, a real estate investor and star of “Flip or Flop,” have been known for their playful social media presence. This latest skit adds to their repertoire of light-hearted content, showcasing their ability to laugh at themselves and entertain their followers.

The couple’s fans responded positively to the video, appreciating the humour and the couple’s willingness to share a fun moment. The skit also brought attention to the striking resemblance between Heather and Christina, a point of humour that Tarek played up in the video.

This humorous incident comes amid a backdrop of blended family dynamics and shared history. Tarek and Christina, who co-hosted “Flip or Flop,” share two children and have managed to maintain a cordial relationship post-divorce. Heather and Christina’s similar appearances have often been a topic of light-hearted banter among fans and the El Moussa family.

The playful nature of the video and the humorous exchange between Tarek, Heather, and Joshua Hall highlight the positive relationships within the extended family. The willingness to engage in such skits also reflects a level of comfort and mutual respect among them, contributing to a narrative of amicable co-parenting and blended family harmony.

As social media continues to play a significant role in shaping public personas, Tarek and Heather’s skit serves as an example of how celebrities can use humour to connect with their audience and navigate complex personal histories. The video not only entertained their followers but also provided a glimpse into their dynamic and the playful side of their relationship.

The skit, while simple, underscores the importance of humour in maintaining healthy relationships and dealing with past complexities. It also highlights how public figures can use their platforms to share relatable and entertaining content, fostering a sense of community and connection with their audience.


The comedic skit shared by Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae El Moussa offers a light-hearted perspective on complex family dynamics and the power of humour in navigating personal histories. This incident, though playful, sheds light on several underlying themes relevant to blended families, public personas, and social media’s role in modern relationships.

Politically, the skit reflects the public’s fascination with celebrity relationships and the ways in which public figures manage their personal lives. Tarek’s playful confusion between his wife and ex-wife touches on broader societal themes of identity and the public’s perception of celebrity relationships. The humour used in the skit helps to diffuse potential tension and presents a narrative of amicable relationships despite past complexities.

Sociologically, the skit highlights the dynamics of blended families and the importance of humour in maintaining healthy relationships. Tarek and Christina’s ability to co-parent amicably, despite their divorce, sets an example for other blended families navigating similar situations. Heather’s involvement in the skit further underscores the positive relationship dynamics within the extended family, promoting a narrative of unity and mutual respect.

Economically, the skit serves as a reminder of the commercial potential of social media content. By sharing humorous and relatable moments, Tarek and Heather strengthen their personal brands and increase their social media engagement. This type of content can lead to monetization opportunities and partnerships, highlighting the economic benefits of maintaining a strong social media presence.

From a local perspective, the skit resonates with fans who appreciate the humorous take on everyday situations. The light-hearted nature of the video and the relatable scenario of mistaken identity make it accessible to a wide audience, fostering a sense of connection between the couple and their followers.

Gender dynamics are also at play in the skit, as it humorously addresses the similarities between Heather and Christina. The playful banter and the slap serve as a comedic exploration of the pressures and expectations faced by women in the public eye, particularly those involved in high-profile relationships. The skit highlights the importance of humour in addressing and diffusing these pressures.

Theoretically, the skit can be analyzed through the lens of symbolic interactionism, which examines how individuals create meaning through social interactions. The skit uses humour and playful interactions to convey deeper themes of identity, relationships, and public perception. The act of Heather slapping Tarek and the subsequent reactions serve as symbols of the couple’s dynamic and their approach to navigating complex histories with humour.

In conclusion, the comedic skit shared by Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae El Moussa offers valuable insights into the dynamics of blended families, the power of humour, and the role of social media in shaping public personas. The playful nature of the video and the positive interactions between the parties involved highlights the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and using humour as a tool for connection and engagement.


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