Friday, July 19, 2024
Friday July 19, 2024
Friday July 19, 2024

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What is Earth Day: An in-depth Overview 

Earth Day is a global event observed annually on April 22, dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and protection

Discovery of world’s oldest forest unveils prehistoric wonders

UK scientists uncover fossilized forest unlike any seen today, dating back over 358 million years

The longest road in the world: An epic journey across two continents

Spanning 15,000 miles, the pan-american highway offers an unparalleled road trip experience, crossing diverse landscapes and cultures

Woman accepts $500 in divorce, misses out on billions as ex becomes 4th richest person

Ex-wife's decision leaves her watching as former husband's company becomes tech giant

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024: A call to #InspireInclusion

March 8 marks a global celebration of women's achievements and a push towards inclusive equality

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