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Israel gives Hamas a one-week ultimatum: Ceasefire negotiations or offensive in Rafah

Amid escalating tensions, Israel has set a deadline for Hamas to agree to a ceasefire, with significant global protests and diplomatic movements unfolding

ICC’s potential charges against Netanyahu for war crimes

Exploring the implications and global reactions to the possible ICC war crimes charges against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Analysts doubt change in Gaza’s safety with Netanyahu’s potential exit

Despite intense scrutiny on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, experts believe a leadership change would not alter the situation in Gaza

Iran-Israel tensions escalate: Promises of retaliation and international calls for restraint

The recent Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus sparks promises of retaliation from Iran, increasing fears of a broader regional conflict

Australian aid worker’s family demands war crimes probe after Gaza airstrike

Family of Lalzawmi "Zomi" Frankcom killed in Gaza airstrike supports war crimes investigation, as international outcry grows

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