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Shocking moment: Giraffe lifts toddler into the air at Texas Wildlife Park

A family's visit to fossil rim wildlife center turns into a heart-stopping encounter as a giraffe picks up their toddler from the back of their truck

Bird flu outbreak at Texas farm leads to fatal infections in cats

CDC confirms deaths of cats after consumption of raw milk from infected cows, underscoring the importance of pasteurization

Texas challenges Biden administration’s expanded LGBTQ+ protections in federal court

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues over new federal rules extending anti-discrimination protections to LGBTQTexas Lawsuit LGBTQ+ Protections+ students, alleging overreach.

Devastating tornado outbreak hits Oklahoma, four fatalities reported

Severe weather continues to threaten areas from Missouri to Texas, with communities bracing for more tornadoes and storm damage

Biden administration awards Samsung $6.4 billion to expand Texas chip manufacturing

The significant investment from the CHIPS Act aims to enhance U.S. Semiconductor capabilities and reduce reliance on foreign chip production

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