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Pregnant woman’s McDonald’s order turns sour with rude note

An unexpected and unwelcoming note left a pregnant woman dismayed instead of her customized McDonald's order

TikTok sensation: The $12 McDonald’s dinner box delights families nationwide

Social media buzzes over McDonald's budget-friendly dinner option, revealing the power of viral deals

McDonald’s fans shocked by Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce revelation

The unexpected fruit ingredient in McDonald's Sweet 'n' Sour sauce has left some fans reconsidering their favourite dip

Edinburgh pensioner admits to peering at woman in McDonald’s toilet

David Levenson, 71, caught observing a woman in state of undress at Waverley Mall McDonald's; pleads guilty in a court

McDonald’s reveals exciting Easter menu additions: Hot Cross Bun Pie and more

Fast food fans, brace yourselves for these delicious new treats hitting menus soon

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