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Australia’s job market remains tight despite rising unemployment rate

While unemployment edged up to 3.8% in March, underlying labour market conditions in Australia continue to show resilience

Job Tips for 2024: Strategies for Success in the Changing Landscape

Master the 2024 job market with essential tips on continuous learning, tech adaptability, and soft skills enhancement.

Elon Musk announces over a million job openings on X

Dive into X's expansive job portal for a plethora of career opportunities

Tipping debate ignites as man refuses ‘25% for doing their job’ – sparks heated conversations

Viral tiktok video fuels controversy over tipping practices, drawing sharp divides in public opinion

TATA Steel to cut nearly 3,000 jobs at UK’s largest steelworks, Port Talbot, in devastating blow

Unions mull strikes as TATA rejects job-saving alternatives, Tories accused of "Managed Decline".

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