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Tag: Horror

Caitlin Cronenberg breaks away from family mould with debut film ‘Humane’

New director explores climate collapse and satire in a dystopian thriller set against modern American politics

Mia Goth braces for a serial killer showdown in “MaXXXine” trailer

The latest entry in the X franchise takes horror to 1980s Los Angeles with a star-studded cast

April’s must-see movies: From high-stakes horror to wordless wonders

This month's lineup includes a diverse array of films, from dark comedies to thrilling action and groundbreaking documentaries

Alone on Netflix: A bone-chilling tale that’s leaving viewers petrified

The psychological thriller about a lone traveller's terrifying ordeal is the latest horror sensation on Netflix

Shocking discovery: Family unveils gruesome secret in storage unit purchase!

Bodies found stuffed in cases bought at auction send chills through Auckland community

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