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Justin Bieber’s emotional Instagram post stirs fan concern, and Hailey reacts lightly

Fans express worry as Justin Bieber shares tearful photos on Instagram; Hailey Bieber comments amidst ongoing rumours about their marriage

Princess Kate fans donate £15,000 to charity after Meghan Markle’s website hijacked

Fans redirect Duchess of Sussex's website to food bank, express support for Princess Kate

Shocking reactions: Fans divided over new avatar, The last Airbender series on Netflix

Mixed reviews pour in as some struggle to embrace the live-action adaptation

Unveiling the astonishing cost behind a 52-second scene from The Office

Delving into the intricate details that made Jim's proposal to Pam a $250,000 masterpiece

Pedro Pascal’s candid SAG Awards speech wins hearts as fans cheer his authenticity

The Last of US star's refreshingly honest acceptance speech delights audiences worldwide

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