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Tag: Crash

Tragic collision in Fayette County claims five lives, including an infant

Fatal accident on Route 40 involved two vehicles and a tractor-trailer

Shocking clues uncovered: MH370 pilot’s alleged scheme for vanishing act exposed!

A decade on, fresh insights suggest a dark plot behind MH370's mysterious disappearance

Tragic bus accident claims life of young woman in Brisbane CBD

An 18-year-old pedestrian fatally injured as bus veers off course, sparking investigation

Top gear rested indefinitely as Freddie Flintoff recovers: Paddy McGuinness provides update

Co-host Paddy McGuinness speaks out on Freddie Flintoff's progress following the top gear accident, as BBC announces the show's hiatus.

Ex-us Air Force officer’s $11 million hunt unveils possible Amelia Earhart crash site

Hidden discovery nearly lost: breakthrough in 87-year mystery emerges from ocean depths

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