Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Taboo Google searches: Words you must avoid and why you shouldn’t dare to look them up



People usually turn to Google for answers, but there’s a Reddit thread warning against searching for taboo words at all costs. Why? Because some things are better left unseen, especially on Google Images.

Despite Google being the most visited website globally, with over 106 billion visits in June 2023, it’s not always a safe bet. The caution arises when you delve into Google Images, encountering visuals that are best avoided.

Consider this a friendly heads-up to the billions who frequent the search engine: these words are truly not worth Googling.

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The compilation of these words comes from a report by It’s Gone Viral, and some are downright unsettling. Many are health-related, which makes sense given how common it is to Google symptoms when feeling unwell. However, it’s crucial to stress consulting a medical professional for health concerns rather than relying on Google or Reddit.

So, what are these words?

First off, “larvae.” Sounds innocent, right? Well, googling it might lead you to a condition called oral myiasis, which involves parasites living in the oral cavities of humans and animals, causing dangerous infections.

Then there’s “degloving,” a term describing when a large piece of skin, along with the underlying tissue, is ripped from muscles and connecting tissues. Trust us, the images are not for the faint-hearted.

“Krokodil” refers to the opioid drug desomorphine. Initially discovered in Russia, it earned the grim moniker “flesh-eating zombie drug” due to its severe effects on addicts.

“Fournier” might seem harmless, but it refers to an acute necrotic infection in the genital area, which, according to medical sources, can escalate rapidly and pose a serious threat.

Lastly, “harlequin ichthyosis,” also known as congenital ichthyosis, describes a rare skin condition affecting newborns, causing persistently dry, scaly skin covered with thick, diamond-shaped plates resembling fish scales. Immediate treatment is crucial for babies born with this condition.

Consider this a strong advisory against Googling these words, for your own peace of mind.


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