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Sunak allegedly agrees to £40k income threshold for UK migrants in bid to curb immigration



Former home secretary Suella Braverman’s revelation adds pressure on Bunak amidst denials from no.10

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Rishi Sunak reportedly reached a verbal agreement with Suella Braverman to implement several measures aimed at reducing migration to the UK. The alleged pact included raising the minimum salary threshold to £40,000, according to reports. While Downing Street denies a formal plan, Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch hints at potential salary threshold increases as part of tougher measures under consideration.

Braverman, recently sacked by Sunak, claims to possess a copy of the agreement, outlining measures such as a salary increase for skilled workers, ending extended visas for graduates, restricting family members’ entry, and prioritizing certain universities for student visas. The Daily Telegraph, which reported on the agreement, did not publish a copy, stating it was not signed but verbally agreed upon by Sunak.

Despite No. 10’s denial of a formal deal, Braverman’s threats to release documents intensify internal Conservative pressure on Sunak, especially following record-breaking net migration statistics last week.

Downing Street is rumored to be working on strategies to lower migration figures, potentially including stricter limits on dependants and a salary cap increase. Sunak faces pressure from right-wing MPs, but concerns about the NHS, care homes, and university finances complicate the issue.

Business Secretary Badenoch, discussing migration statistics, suggests a forthcoming announcement by Home Secretary James Cleverly, indicating a likely change to the salary threshold. She emphasizes the need for “much, much tougher measures.”

Amid these developments, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson expresses regret over the points-based migration system’s outcomes in his weekly Daily Mail column, prompting a response from Badenoch.

Sunak is also under scrutiny for the delayed response to the Supreme Court’s ruling against deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda. MPs seek commitment to legislate against parts of the European Convention on Human Rights, causing concerns among Conservatives.


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