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Students launch lawsuit demanding millions after teacher’s premature end to Gruelling university exam



South Korean pupils seek compensation over alleged 90-second blunder that could impact their futures

In an unexpected turn of events, a group of South Korean students has initiated legal action against the government following claims that a teacher prematurely concluded a college admission exam 90 seconds ahead of schedule.

The exam in question is the notoriously challenging Suneung, short for the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) in Korean. This eight-hour ordeal not only dictates university placements but also influences job prospects, income, and even future living arrangements, making it one of the world’s toughest academic challenges.

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Taking place on November 16, the first session of this year’s Suneung at Kyungdong High School in Seoul reportedly faced a disruption when an alarm was mistakenly triggered 90 seconds early. Although for some, this might be a welcome reprieve, for these South Korean students, every second is crucial in an exam that holds immense societal importance.

Authorities suggest the teacher accidentally set off the alarm prematurely. Efforts were made to rectify the error during the students’ lunch break by redistributing the test papers. However, the lawsuit alleges that students were only permitted to add information to blank sections, forbidding them from revisiting previously answered questions.

Represented by the Myungjin law firm, 39 students have filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court, seeking a substantial compensation of 20 million won ($15,377) each. This figure corresponds to the estimated cost of a year’s worth of study and the expense of retaking the exam.

The law firm contends that the repercussions of the 90-second bell incident extended to the subsequent exams, with some students reportedly leaving the test hall prematurely. Moreover, they accuse education authorities of failing to provide any explanation or apology for the disruption.

Kyungdong High School is yet to comment on the matter. As the legal battle unfolds, the fate of these students hangs in the balance, with millions at stake in this unexpected chapter of South Korea’s academic landscape.


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