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Storm Gerrit’s fury: UK airports battle gusty winds, Heathrow faces travel chaos



Planes struggle to land, Bristol airport faces turbulence, and Heathrow cancels flights amid stormy weather

Terrifying scenes unfolded as Storm Gerrit unleashed its powerful winds, causing chaos at UK airports. Footage captured at Bristol Airport revealed planes making multiple attempts to land, wobbling precariously in the gusty winds. In a hair-raising video shared by Sky News, three planes battled the elements to safely navigate the runway.

Heathrow airport also bore the brunt of the storm, leading to the cancellation of 18 flights. Air traffic control restrictions, imposed due to the stormy weather, affected return trips to various destinations, including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, Manchester, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, and Paris Charles de Gaulle.

A British Airways spokesperson expressed regret for the disruption, stating, “We have apologized to our customers for any disruption to their travel plans, and our teams are working hard to get them on their way as quickly as possible.”

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Storm Gerrit, with winds reaching up to 80mph, wreaked havoc across the UK, causing flooding and power cuts. The Met Office issued yellow warnings for towns and cities in northwest England, Wales, the northwest Midlands, and southern Pennines. Thousands experienced power outages, and disruptions were reported on roads and railways.

“High Winds Close Severn Bridge and Disrupt Ferries: Travel Chaos Amid Storm Gerrit’s Rampage”

In addition to airport woes, the M48 Severn Bridge in Gloucestershire was forced to close in both directions due to high winds. The Met Office recorded gusts of 70 to 80mph nationally. Ferries, including hovercraft services to the Isle of Wight and Calmac services to Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, faced severe disruptions. Passengers at the Port of Dover encountered lengthy delays of up to three hours.

Localized flooding added to the challenges, prompting flood alerts for areas along the River Severn, including White Abbey, Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge, and Bridgnorth. Amidst the chaos, a heartwarming incident unfolded in southwest Scotland, where a sheepdog heroically rescued a group of stranded lambs from floodwaters, guiding them to safety.

As Storm Gerrit continues its rampage, travelers are advised to stay updated on weather warnings and anticipate further disruptions across the UK.


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