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Steak-only diet: Blogger Mikhail Peterson claims meat-exclusive diet saved her life



Controversial ‘lion diet’ advocate shares astonishing health transformation on Piers Morgan show

Mikhaila Peterson, podcaster, blogger, and daughter of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, has made headlines after revealing her exclusive meat-based diet and claiming it saved her life. In a candid discussion with Piers Morgan, Mikhaila detailed her unconventional ‘Lion Diet,’ which primarily consists of beef products, including red meat, mince, and occasional indulgences like steak soup.

The 31-year-old embarked on her controversial dietary journey after battling juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, and skin disorders. Having undergone joint replacements at 17 due to arthritis, she was advised to continue medication for depression. However, after 15 years of grappling with health issues, Mikhaila decided to take matters into her own hands.

In her conversation with Piers Morgan, she explained, “When I was 22, I realized that if you have issues in your life, nobody other than you is going to fix them. I used to go to the medical community because that’s what I’d learned to get help, and that wasn’t working for me.”

Describing her journey, Mikhaila shared that she opted for a biomedical degree but later dropped out. The turning point came when she embraced an exclusive meat-only diet, a choice she believes not only transformed her health but also garnered a following of people interested in her approach.

When asked about the duration of her strict ‘Lion Diet,’ Mikhaila disclosed that she has been adhering to it for an impressive six years. Piers Morgan, intrigued by her diet, inquired about a typical day’s food intake. She revealed that her meals primarily consist of strip loin steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with minimal inclusion of fruits, vegetables, or sauces.

Piers, noting her apparent good health, questioned what experts had to say about her diet. Mikhaila replied, “Depends on the experts, but mostly ‘You should have died by now’ is usually the reaction I get.”

Sharing her health benefits, she remarked, “As a teenager, I told you I couldn’t get out of bed, and I had my hip and ankle replaced. I couldn’t walk. So, I mean, my baseline was nearly dead, so compared to that, I feel great.”

Mikhaila Peterson’s journey has led her to become an advocate for her unique diet approach, as she aims to help others manage fatigue and pain through her website, liondiet.com, TEDx talks, and speaking engagements.


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