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Speaks out after remarkable reunion with family following six-year disappearance



British teen found in France returns home for Christmas, shares his first public statement

After an astonishing return home last weekend, Alex Batty, the 17-year-old British teenager who went missing more than six years ago, has spoken publicly for the first time. The emotional reunion unfolded after he was discovered in France last week and brought back to Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Alex, expressing his joy at being home for Christmas, briefly addressed reporters after returning from a shopping trip with a relative. The teenager, whose disappearance at the age of 11 in 2017 garnered widespread attention, has been reunited with his family, marking the end of a mysterious chapter that led him to live in a “spiritual community” in Morocco and later the Pyrenees.

The 17-year-old, whose recent images cannot be published without family consent to protect his privacy, arrived back in Oldham on Saturday evening. His legal guardian, grandmother Susan Caruana, will be overseeing his Christmas celebrations.

French prosecutors revealed in a news conference that Alex had been living in a “spiritual community” after going missing during a pre-planned holiday to Marbella, Spain. He was discovered on a rural road near Quillan, France, by part-time delivery driver Fabien Accidini, who, unbeknownst to him, had picked up the missing teenager.

Alex’s grandmother, Susan Caruana, expressed her disbelief and joy after a video call with her grandson, the first direct interaction in over six years. She described the moment as “absolutely like a dream.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed Alex’s safe return and emphasized the need for privacy as they support Alex and his family. Assistant Chief Constable Matt Boyle stated that formal statements from Alex will be crucial in determining the case’s progression and potential criminal investigation. The focus remains on Alex’s well-being, ensuring a smooth reintegration into society, and understanding the circumstances of his disappearance.

The community and media have been urged to respect the family’s privacy during this overwhelming and delicate time.


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