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Sky’s the limit: Flight attendant unveils seriously generous salary, living the ‘dream life’



Emirates cabin crew member shares insider insights into the glamorous and well-paid world of air travel

Contrary to common perceptions, the life of a flight attendant is not always synonymous with modest earnings. Alexandra Cosoff, a makeup artist turned Emirates flight attendant, recently revealed the seriously generous salary that allows her to live her ‘dream life‘ among the clouds.

In a candid discussion with news.com.au, Alexandra shed light on the benefits and perks that come with her role, dispelling misconceptions about the industry. The 33-year-old shared her journey from starting in economy class to being promoted to business class and the business promotions events team.

Emphasizing the attractiveness of the job, Alexandra stated, “Our accommodation is provided, and the salary is tax-free – and not just that, we have a lot of other things taken care of like transport, laundry, we have full medical and dental coverage. We are very well looked after.”

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The basic starting salary for an Emirates flight attendant is 4,430 Emirati Dirhams a month, equivalent to approximately $1,206.66/£970 tax-free, with an additional hourly flying rate of AED63.75, or just under £14 per hour. Combining these figures, the average monthly salary, depending on the number of hours, is AED10,170 per month, or just over $2,761.64/£2,220.

Alexandra, living her dream as a flight attendant, urged aspiring individuals to pursue a career in the skies. “I have learned so much about the world, other cultures and also myself – and best of all you make amazing friends along the way,” she said.

Describing her job as a ‘dream come true,’ Alexandra’s revelation provides a glimpse into the luxurious and well-compensated lifestyle enjoyed by Emirates cabin crew members.


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