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Sizzling deal alert: B&M customers flock for £1 bargain, slashed from £40, promising heat without the heating bill



Shoppers across the UK are flocking to B&M for an incredible deal on household essentials, with curtains dropping from a whopping £40 to an unbelievable £1.

B&M’s shelves are now adorned with curtains at the unbelievable price of £1 each. These curtains, such as the Colorado silver ones (originally priced at £39.99) and the Oakland grey curtains (formerly £49.99), are not only a steal but also serve as an effective shield against the cold creeping into your humble abode.

These aren’t just any curtains; they’re thermal curtains and curtain linings, a savvy investment that staunchly prevents heat from sneaking out through those pesky draughty windows.

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In fact, one astute individual revealed that simply by swapping out her house’s curtains, she managed to slash her energy bill by a staggering £150. That’s the power of these thermal wonders!

But it doesn’t stop there. There are heavier curtain options available too, perfect for maximising warmth retention in rooms, especially when positioned close to a radiator.

Excited shoppers have been spilling the beans on their fantastic finds, sharing their discoveries in online bargain-hunting groups like B&M Bargains, Extreme Money Saving Deals, and More on Facebook. One enthusiast gleefully reported, “B&M Peterborough next to Smyths, new door curtains, absolute bargain.”

The post has sparked a frenzy of interest, with scores of group members applauding the shopper’s incredible luck at snagging such impressive deals.

But here’s the catch: these jaw-dropping deals are exclusively in-store. The new price tags make it abundantly clear that these curtains are being cleared out at their slashed prices.

While the Colorado Silver curtains are still listed at £29.99 online and the Oakland grey curtains at £19.99, you’d be hard-pressed to find these steals elsewhere. Sure, Dunelm has options starting from £12, and Argos carries curtains at a similar price, but nowhere else are you likely to stumble upon prices as jaw-droppingly low as those at B&M.

However, bear in mind that stock availability varies from store to store, and not all outlets may offer the same incredible reductions.

It’s always wise to scout around before making a purchase. While some retailers might have competitive prices, it’s unlikely any will match the staggering discounts currently on offer at B&M.

Looking to stay snug this winter without breaking the bank? Consider other affordable options beyond curtains. Hot water bottles remain a timeless and cost-effective way to keep warm, while electric blankets, at just around 2p an hour to run, provide cosy comfort for those with a bit more to spare.

Don’t overlook preventative measures either; sealing windows and draught-proofing your home can significantly curb the chill. Draught excluders starting from a fiver in most stores or even a thick blanket rolled up against a draughty door can work wonders.

And when it comes to insulation, loft insulation is a game-changer in preventing heat from escaping, ultimately trimming down your heating expenses. You can find insulation at local builder merchants or major retailers like B&Q and Wickes.

In other recent news, Dunelm shoppers are swearing off hot water bottles thanks to a “great value” winter gadget in the sale. Meanwhile, Matalan has witnessed a rush of shoppers grabbing a winter essential that promises hours of warmth, potentially helping cut down on heating costs.


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