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Shocking turn of events: Woman takes matters into her own hands, fatally shoots 14-year-old attempting to burgle her home



Tragedy unfolds as fort worth resident defends her home against persistent intruder

In a twist of fate, a 14-year-old boy named Devin Baker met a tragic end after attempting to break into a woman’s apartment in Fort Worth, Texas. The woman, whose home was the target of the burglary, took matters into her own hands, resulting in the fatal shooting.

The Fort Worth police received a 911 call just before 3 am on December 14, reporting an attempted burglary at an apartment complex near I-20 and McCart Avenue. Responding officers left the scene after the initial call, only to be summoned again by the same woman, claiming the burglar’s return.

To their astonishment, upon their return, officers discovered a teenage boy lying on the ground in the front yard, having sustained a gunshot wound to his chest. Despite prompt paramedic response, the boy succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

The woman who made the 911 call is now identified as the one who shot and killed the teenager. The police have not made any arrests, but the woman is said to be cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation.

According to the woman, she believed the teenager was attempting to enter her home, especially considering she had previously reported multiple attempted break-ins. Three reports had been filed before the tragic events unfolded on that Thursday morning.

The victim, Devin Baker, was an eighth-grade student at the nearby Rosemont Middle School. Durwyn Lamb, who runs community youth programs in North Texas, was set to have a mentoring session with Baker on the same day he tragically lost his life.

Baker’s family, devastated by the sudden loss, described him as a ‘fun-loving boy’ who excelled in school, loved art, and had recently joined the basketball team. His mother, Latoiya Landers, shared that Baker aspired to make something of himself and dreamed of having a large family to care for.

As the community grapples with this unexpected tragedy, questions surround the circumstances leading to the fatal shooting, with Baker’s family asserting that he did not possess any weapons, making it challenging to comprehend his involvement in a burglary attempt.

This incident adds a somber note to the ongoing debate around self-defense and the measures individuals take to protect their homes in the face of rising criminal activities.


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