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Shock twist in millionaire’s rescue: Brit Tycoon freed as lover spotted in bomb vest during ransom demand



British millionaire Colin Armstrong was recently rescued by authorities in Ecuador after a harrowing kidnapping incident at his ranch in Baba, Los Rios province. The 78-year-old businessman was taken by 15 men posing as police officers in the early hours of Saturday.

The dramatic turn of events unfolded with Colin’s Colombian partner returning to his son’s home while wearing a bomb vest, which was swiftly disarmed by authorities. Ecuador’s police chief, Cesar Augusto Zapata Correa, announced Colin’s safe recovery near Manabi, not far from where he was initially abducted. Nine individuals were apprehended in connection to the abduction.

Colin’s son, Nick Armstrong, joined the efforts in Ecuador, flying in to aid in the search for his father. The Armstrong family oversees the 500-acre Tupgill Park Estate in North Yorkshire, their home for over 45 years. The saga took an unexpected turn when Katherine Paola Santos, reportedly abducted with Colin, appeared at Nick’s house wearing a bomb vest, triggering a tense situation promptly handled by law enforcement.

Authorities are probing Katherine’s involvement in the kidnapping, her sudden reappearance, and her connection to the explosive device. The local media identified her as the individual seen in a video related to the abduction.

Colin Armstrong, a well-regarded figure known as “Mr. Colin” in the area, previously served as the UK Honorary consul in Ecuador until 2016 and received honors from the British Monarchy for his services.

The couple’s holiday photos, once shared on social media, depicted their affectionate moments, but Katherine’s Instagram account has since been removed. The investigation into the kidnapping at Rancho Rodeo Grande suggests a troubling scenario, including forced entry, traces of blood, and ransacked rooms, captured in circulating videos.

The abduction of the pair, allegedly taken away in Colin’s black BMW, led authorities on a tracking pursuit towards Guayaquil before losing the vehicle’s trace. British intelligence reportedly aided the search efforts.

Both the British Foreign Office and local authorities are collaborating in the investigation, extending support to Colin Armstrong’s family during this distressing ordeal.


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