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Shane Macgowan’s festive millions: How the late Pogues icon made a fortune from Christmas classic



Fairytale of New York royalties unveiled – widow feels his presence Fairytale of New York royalties unveiled – widow feels his presence

In a festive revelation that’s sure to hit the right note, The Pogues’ frontman, Shane MacGowan, has posthumously left behind a staggering fortune of £4 million. The legendary singer, who passed away at 65 last month, secured a spot in the financial limelight through the perennial Yuletide favourite, “Fairytale of New York.”

MacGowan’s annual royalties from the 1988 classic ranged between £216,000 and £260,000, a testament to the enduring popularity of the boozy ballad featuring the late Kirsty MacColl. The song made a noteworthy sixth-place appearance in this year’s Christmas chart, solidifying its perennial charm among festive music enthusiasts.

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Shane MacGowan‘s net worth, including an apartment in Dublin, has been appraised at approximately £4.3 million. The musician, who had been undergoing medical treatment since June, left a lasting musical legacy that continues to resonate. His widow, Victoria Mary Clarke, expressed, “I very much feel him with me. I feel him around me.”

The emotional resonance of hearing MacGowan’s music remains a challenge for Clarke, who admitted, “The hardest part is hearing his music, but I can’t help but be grateful. It’s wonderful that he managed to achieve that in his lifetime – to have a song people sing in churches and choirs.”

Despite Wham!’s “Last Christmas” claiming the top spot on this year’s festive chart, Victoria Mary Clarke revealed that Shane wouldn’t be bothered. She remarked, “He appreciated that people love the song.”

In the spirit of celebrating MacGowan’s musical legacy, his widow acknowledged the positive sentiment surrounding the iconic Christmas anthem. “This morning, I got sent a male voice choir singing it, and I think it’s fantastic,” she added.

As fans continue to keep the spirit of Shane MacGowan alive through his timeless music, the revelation of his financial success adds a poignant note to the legacy of a true rock and roll icon.


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