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Shakira Spencer tortured and murdered by former neighbors in gruesome crime



Mother of one subjected to horrific abuse by trio found guilty of inhumane killing

In a shocking and appalling crime, three individuals have been found guilty of the brutal torture and murder of Shakira Spencer, a 35-year-old mother. Ashana Studholme, 38, Shaun Pendlebury, 26, and Lisa Richardson, 44, from west London, orchestrated a campaign of cruelty that left Shakira dead after enduring unimaginable torment.

From Size 16 to a Gaunt Size 6: A Disturbing Transformation

Shakira Spencer, once a “beautiful, happy, healthy” size 16, underwent a harrowing transformation, reduced to a “gaunt and skeletal” size six before her demise. The defendants, who treated her “like a slave,” inflicted scalding injuries on her feet and limited her sustenance to ketchup from sachets, according to the harrowing details revealed at the Old Bailey trial.

Twisted Control and Unfathomable Cruelty: A Mother’s Descent into Darkness

Over months, Studholme, Pendlebury, and Richardson subjected Shakira to isolation, prostitution, and financial exploitation, asserting complete control over her life. The once-vibrant woman was subdued and dominated, becoming a shell of her former self. Forced to clean their homes in the early hours and run errands, Shakira endured a descent into darkness orchestrated by the defendants.

Frenzied Climax and Gruesome Cover-Up: The Final Days

The abuse reached a “frenzied climax” around September 11 and 12, 2022, when Shakira was brutally beaten “to the brink of death” at Studholme’s residence. The perpetrators then callously locked her in a hallway cupboard at her flat. A primitive attempt to slow decomposition involved packing ice around her, with newspapers strategically laid out as if she had died in her sleep.

The Shocking Cover-Up: Cleaning Blood and Erasing Traces

To conceal their heinous acts, the defendants embarked on a meticulous cover-up. They cleaned Shakira’s blood, bodily fluids, and DNA from their homes, eliminating all traces of their presence at her flat. The gruesome details of their actions only surfaced when maggots were discovered, prompting a police investigation that unveiled the extent of Shakira’s suffering.

Guilty Verdicts: A Jury’s Decision on a Tragic Case

On Monday, the jury delivered guilty verdicts for all three defendants, charging them with both murder and preventing the lawful burial of Shakira Spencer. Shaun Pendlebury’s callous reaction, clapping his hands and leaving the dock, reflected the lack of remorse from those responsible for the heinous crime.

Awaiting Sentencing: A Grisly Murder and Its Impact

As the sentencing looms, the court will decide the fate of Studholme, Pendlebury, and Richardson. The judge, Angela Rafferty KC, adjourned sentencing to a later date, acknowledging the harrowing nature of the case. The guilty verdicts stand as a testament to the twisted and sadistic control these individuals exercised over Shakira Spencer, leading to her unimaginable suffering and tragic demise.


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