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Seven eco-friendly ways to transform your home for the holidays



Embrace sustainable decorations and create timeless magic with your loved ones

As the winter winds weave a tale of holiday enchantment, our hearts eagerly anticipate the festive season’s arrival. Yet, amidst the joyous carols and twinkling lights, there’s a sobering truth—holiday celebrations often generate a surge in household waste. Fear not, intrepid celebrators, for renowned expert Ashley Connell unveils a magical tapestry of creativity and sustainability in this eco-friendly home transformation. In this transformative journey, we discover seven eco-friendly ways to adorn our homes, where each decoration not only captivates but also treads lightly on our precious planet. So, let the symphony of sustainable festivities commence!

Rediscover the Charm: Utilize Existing Decorations

Utilize Existing Decorations

Before you dive into online shopping or head to the stores, take a nostalgic trip to your attic or garage. Unearth forgotten holiday decor, letting the old become new again. That classic wreath or vintage ornament might just steal the show this year, offering a touch of timeless elegance. 

Citrusy Elegance: DIY Dried Orange Garland

Orange Grassland

Step into the rustic charm of dried orange garlands, a trend capturing hearts this season. The Sustainably Chic blog guides you through a simple process: slice, bake, and thread. Your homemade garlands not only add a burst of color but also carry the sweet fragrance of creativity. 

Cardboard Wonderland: Craft Gingerbread Houses with the Kids

 Gingerbread Houses with the Kids

Transform cardboard boxes into a whimsical village of gingerbread houses. Little Red Window provides easy instructions for a fun activity with the kids. Paint, tissue paper, and a dash of creativity turn discarded boxes into adorable cottages, reducing waste and sparking joy. 

Wreath-Making Delight: Create Your Natural Wreaths

Natural Wreaths

Unleash your inner artist with DIY wreaths using natural materials. Real Homes offers a guide using eucalyptus and berries. Venture into your yard, forage pine sprigs, crab apples, and more. Assemble them on a wreath frame for a personalized touch that engages your senses. 

Nature’s Bounty: Festive Table Decor from Outdoors

Festive Table Decor from Outdoors

Impress your guests with a dining table adorned with natural pieces from the outdoors. Pebble Mag suggests incorporating holly, rosemary, pine cones, and sage leaves. Old mason jars or glass vases add a beautiful touch, creating a unique and eco-friendly centerpiece. 

Timeless Tradition: Reusable Advent Calendars

Reusable Advent Calendars

Bid farewell to disposable advent calendars and embrace a sustainable tradition. Invest in a wooden reusable advent calendar or create your own from fabric. Customize each compartment with treats, ensuring a cherished and waste-free countdown to the holidays. 

Homemade Treasures: Craft Personalized Ornaments

Craft Personalized Ornaments

Step away from the shopping cart and spend quality time crafting ornaments with the kids. Utilize felt, twine, and other materials from your craft corner. HGTV suggests upcycling discarded items, such as transforming lightbulbs into miniature snowman ornaments for unique and eco-conscious tree decoration. 

As we bid adieu to another year, let our holiday memories be not only of laughter and togetherness but also of responsible celebration. The echoes of DIY garlands, whimsical gingerbread villages, and natural wreaths linger in the air, creating a harmonious melody with the planet. In the embrace of reusable advent calendars and handmade ornaments, we find a sustainable rhythm that resonates with our values. So, let this season’s legacy be one of timeless joy and eco-conscious merriment—a gift to the Earth and generations yet to come. Wishing you a holiday season adorned with creativity, sustainability, and the warmth of shared moments. 


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