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Selfie-Fuelled gondola disaster: Tourists plunge into Venice canals as vanity takes the wheel



Viral TikTok video captures chaotic scene as group ignores warnings for the perfect selfie moment

In an alarming incident that unfolded in the picturesque canals of Venice, a group of tourists found themselves taking an involuntary dip in the water after their gondola capsized. The cause? An unwavering commitment to capturing the perfect selfie, as depicted in a now-viral TikTok video posted by user @ienaridens69.

The ill-fated gondola, ferrying a group of Chinese tourists, met its watery demise near St. Mark’s Square. Reports from local sources suggest that the tourists, engrossed in capturing selfies against the backdrop of Venice’s iconic landmarks, repeatedly defied instructions to maintain balance and sit down.

The disastrous turn of events occurred as the gondola navigated a tricky manoeuvre under a bridge, requiring precise weight distribution, a directive that fell on deaf ears as the tourists prioritized photo opportunities over safety.

Videos circulating on social media capture the heart-stopping moment when the gondola flips, plunging the selfie enthusiasts into the canal. Amid screams and shouts of ‘Oh my god,’ the tourists desperately clung to the capsized vessel, struggling to pull themselves to safety.

Remarkably, no injuries were reported, and the group was promptly rescued. The Instagram page of Venezia Non è Disneyland (Venice Is Not Disneyland) reassured followers that the tourists were ushered to safety and offered ‘hospitality and warmth’ in the La Fenice theatre.

This incident adds to a list of tourist misadventures in Venice, recalling last year’s escapade where two visitors dared to surf the famed Grand Canal using an electric surfboard. In a series of daredevil moves captured on camera, the duo navigated the waterways, narrowly avoiding water buses and taxis, and even cheekily zipping past iconic landmarks like the Salute basilica.

Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro expressed his disdain for such antics, urging citizens to help identify the culprits. In a statement, he wrote on X, “Here are two overbearing idiots who make a mockery of the city. I ask everyone to help us identify them to punish them even if our weapons are really blunt. We urgently need more powers for the Mayors in terms of public safety!”

This gondola catastrophe serves as a stark reminder that vanity-fuelled recklessness can turn a leisurely sightseeing trip into a perilous adventure. The allure of the perfect selfie, it seems, has the potential to capsize more than just a boat in the waters of Venice.


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