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Selena Gomez’s brief hiatus: A fleeting social media break sparks fan reactions



The Pop sensation’s prolific returns to Instagram prompt lighthearted remarks and speculation

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Selena Gomez, known for her open approach to mental health, has once again caused a stir on social media with a short-lived hiatus from Instagram. The singer and actress announced her break, citing the need to step back until she has work again and expressing her commitment to standing up for her beliefs.

This recent departure follows a similar move last month when Gomez shared her concerns about the world’s current state. However, fans were quick to notice her return within 24 hours during the previous break.

In the latest episode of ‘doing a Selena,’ she announced her Instagram hiatus on December 8, emphasizing her commitment to her values and expressing love for her fans. However, true to the pattern, Selena made a prompt return to the platform approximately 24 hours later.

This amusingly brief hiatus sparked playful reactions from fans, with some noting the predictability of her quick returns. Despite the fleeting breaks, Selena continues to engage with her celebrity friends on the platform, including commenting on Ariana Grande’s recent post, where the latter teased new music.

Fans, while light-heartedly acknowledging the brevity of Selena’s breaks, remain supportive of the star’s decisions regarding social media and her mental well-being.


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