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Secrets unveiled: The Crown’s Meg Bellamy spills Kate Middleton’s makeup tricks!



Exclusive scoop: The crown’s latest star, Meg Bellamy, talks playing Kate Middleton!

Netflix’s hit series, The Crown, is known for its spot-on casting choices, and they’ve done it again with Meg Bellamy taking on the role of a young Kate Middleton. Resembling the Duchess with her captivating features, Bellamy’s journey from Berkshire to the spotlight is a tale worth telling.

In an exclusive chat with GLAMOUR US, Bellamy spills the beans on her audition, her deep dive into Kate’s persona, and the thrill of stepping into the royal shoes.

“It was surreal,” Bellamy reveals. “I saw the open casting call and thought, ‘Why not?’ The Crown was a love of mine, so I took a leap.” Her resemblance to Kate and being the right age for the role helped her secure this dream opportunity.

Despite her brief appearance in the final season, Bellamy’s portrayal injects fresh energy into the series, paralleling the impact of Diana’s entrance in the previous season.

Growing up close to the Middletons and taking a gap year at 19, Bellamy found herself perfectly aligned with the role’s demands. “It came at the right time,” she says, reminiscing about her journey into acting.

Joining the stellar cast was a whirlwind experience for Bellamy, who found herself thrown into a read-through mid-audition. “Meeting everyone was surreal but exciting,” she shares about her first encounter with the seasoned cast and crew.

Her preparation for the role involved intense research, making her appreciate Kate Middleton’s leadership and admire her even more. “You feel connected when you study someone so closely,” Bellamy adds.

The meticulous attention to detail in costume, voice, and makeup brought Kate’s essence to life. From low-rise jeans to specific makeup techniques, Bellamy’s transformation into the iconic figure was a journey of exploration.

When asked about any insider tidbits, Bellamy chuckles, revealing her middle name is Kate. “I’ve had people asking if I changed my email after landing the role,” she laughs.

From embodying Kate’s style to delving into her decisions, Bellamy’s portrayal promises to captivate audiences, leaving us wanting more of her on-screen presence.

Stay tuned for the latest on Meg Bellamy’s journey into The Crown and her transformation into Kate Middleton!


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