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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Seasoned solo traveler reveals surprising list of countries where she felt least secure



Nora The Explorer’s candid TikTok unveils unexpected insights for solo female travelers

As the festivities of Christmas fade away, wanderlust beckons many to plan their next getaway for a sun-soaked retreat, either in the immediate future or later in the year. For solo travelers, the quest for adventure comes with an added dimension—ensuring a sense of safety in every destination.

Nora, known as Nora the Explorer on TikTok, shares her experiences as a solo female traveler who has ventured through an impressive 35 countries. In a recent viral TikTok video, Nora candidly unveils her list of countries where she felt least secure, offering valuable advice for fellow adventurous women.

Beginning the video with a disclaimer, Nora emphasizes that her experiences are personal, and her intention is not to discourage anyone from exploring these destinations. “I still had a wonderful time in all these places. It could have happened anywhere,” she asserts. “It doesn’t mean the whole country is unsafe, and you shouldn’t visit it.”

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The countries Nora highlights include Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Despite the perceived lack of security in some instances, Nora stresses that each country is still worth visiting.

Nora delves into specific experiences in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, noting incidents where she felt uncomfortable due to persistent advances from men. However, she maintains that Sri Lanka remains her “favorite country in the whole world.”

In an unexpected revelation, Nora shares her unease during her ten years living in Denmark, particularly in Copenhagen. Despite Denmark being widely regarded as one of the safest and happiest countries globally, Nora recounts a disconcerting pattern of inappropriate touching in clubs and bars during her last one or two years there.

Vietnam, too, holds a place in Nora’s list as she recounts an unsettling incident where she and a friend believed they were drugged in a bar in Hanoi. Urging caution, Nora advises fellow female solo travelers to remain vigilant, particularly in unfamiliar bars abroad.

Nora’s TikTok serves as a candid and eye-opening guide for solo female travelers, offering insights into personal experiences that transcend the glossy facade of travel brochures.


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