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Scandalous saga: Ex-cop in legal battle over workplace trysts with six colleagues



In a gripping tale of office romance gone awry, former Tennessee police officer Maegan Hall, ousted from the La Vergne Police Department in January 2023 amid accusations of engaging in intimate affairs with six co-workers, is still embroiled in a legal showdown one year after her dismissal.

Hall, who joined the department as a rookie less than two years before her termination, found herself at the centre of a departmental investigation exposing alleged on-the-job liaisons between officers and the use of city-owned property for romantic rendezvous.

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The scandal unfolded as Mayor Jason Cole was tipped off about the inter-office relationships, leading to five officers, including Hall, admitting to undisclosed sexual liaisons. Hall and three others were fired, while police sergeant Henry “Ty” McGowan faced the same fate. Additional officers faced suspensions for their involvement.

Following her termination, Hall retaliated by filing a lawsuit against the city of La Vergne, former police chief Burrel “Chip” Davis, and former sergeants McGowan and Lewis Powell. In her legal action, Hall claimed that the men had conspired to exploit her sexually, portraying her as a scapegoat when the scandal surfaced.

In her lawsuit, Hall depicted herself as a “vulnerable and optimistic 24-year-old woman” upon joining the department. She asserted that rather than providing professional development, her superiors and the Chief of Police allegedly groomed her for sexual exploitation, using their authority to manipulate and trap her in degrading relationships.

Responding to Hall’s legal action, Powell fired back with a countersuit, accusing Hall of fabricating the relationships and contending that the encounters were fully consensual. Powell alleged that Hall persistently flirted with him, pressuring him into engaging in sexual relations.

Despite Hall’s claims of suffering from depression and feeling trapped in her job, investigations into the misconduct found evidence of her engaging in sexual activities with male officers and sharing intimate photos and videos.

In an interview with News Channel 5, Hall asserted that her supervisors took advantage of her vulnerabilities and mental health for their own gain and pleasure. She claimed isolation and victim-blaming, painting a distressing picture of her time in the department.

As the legal battle rages on, Hall’s lawsuit against the city and her former bosses continues, unravelling the complexities of a scandal that has gripped the La Vergne Police Department.


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