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Sabrina Carpenter faces backlash over album cover resemblance to French magazine shoot



Pop singer’s upcoming album ‘Short n’ Sweet’ sparks controversy for its cover art

Sabrina Carpenter, the 25-year-old pop sensation, has ignited controversy with the announcement of her sixth album, ‘Short n’ Sweet,’ due to its strikingly similar cover art to a French magazine photoshoot from years ago.

On June 3, Carpenter took to social media to reveal the release date of her upcoming album, accompanied by the unveiling of its cover art. The image features Carpenter looking over her bare shoulder adorned with a lipstick kiss mark, drawing immediate comparisons to a previous spread featuring French model Tiffany Collier.

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Social media users were quick to point out the uncanny resemblance between Carpenter’s photo and Collier’s shoot, which originally appeared on Instagram in February 2018. While Carpenter’s announcement generated excitement among fans, it also sparked criticism for not acknowledging the inspiration from the original photo.

Several users expressed disappointment, with one remarking, “Just literally copied and pasted the inspo,” while another highlighted the emotional depth lacking in Carpenter’s rendition compared to the original.

However, some defended Carpenter, attributing the resemblance to inspiration drawn from a retro summer aesthetic rather than outright plagiarism. Others emphasized the legal distinction between inspiration and theft, noting that Carpenter’s use of the image for her album cover falls within the former category.

As the debate rages on, Carpenter’s representative has yet to respond to inquiries regarding the controversy.

‘Short n’ Sweet’ marks Carpenter’s return to the music scene, following her last album, ’emails i can’t send,’ released two years prior. The lead single from the upcoming album, “Espresso,” has already made waves, dominating the UK music charts for five consecutive weeks since its April release.

Carpenter’s recent appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live further solidified her place in the spotlight, though her performance of “Nonsense” during the show raised eyebrows with a surprising lyric alteration, leaving viewers both entertained and bewildered.


Political Impact: The controversy surrounding Carpenter’s album cover highlights the importance of intellectual property rights and attribution in the creative industry, prompting discussions about ethical standards and artistic integrity.

Social Reflection: The incident underscores the power of social media in holding public figures accountable for their actions and decisions, fostering transparency and accountability in the entertainment industry.

Psychological Aspect: Carpenter’s use of imagery from a previous photoshoot reflects the human tendency to draw inspiration from existing sources while navigating the fine line between homage and imitation in artistic expression.

Sociological Angle: The polarized reactions to Carpenter’s album cover reveal societal attitudes towards authenticity and originality, reflecting broader cultural norms and expectations within the realm of creative endeavors.

Fashion Culture: While not explicitly related to fashion, the controversy surrounding Carpenter’s album cover underscores the influence of visual aesthetics and imagery in shaping public perception and artistic discourse within the music industry.


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