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Royal snub redux: David Beckham’s knighthood dreams shattered again in new year’s Honours list



The England legend faces another disappointment despite footballing glory and fan adoration

The omission is particularly stinging given that several footballing figures, including Beckham’s mentor Sir Alex Ferguson, have been knighted. However, no active player has received this honor for decades. Recent sporting knighthoods have been bestowed upon the likes of Jason Kenny and Lewis Hamilton.

While David Beckham continues to be a fan favorite, post-retirement decisions have come under scrutiny. In 2013, he was entangled in the Ingenious tax avoidance scheme, though later cleared of any wrongdoing and reinstated to the official recommendations list two years ago.

Beckham faced another blow to his chances in 2017 when a set of leaked emails surfaced, where he criticized the honours committee for overlooking him. In a candid moment, he referred to them as “unappreciative c***s” and boldly stated that he didn’t “care about being knighted.” The football legend also expressed his frustration, hinting that if he were American, he would have received such an honor a decade ago.

One of the emails seemingly targeted singer Katherine Jenkins, who had received an OBE. Beckham questioned the merit, stating, “For what? Singing at the rugby and going to see the troops.” However, he later contested that some emails were doctored and hence, fake.

Beckham’s 2023 took a controversial turn when he accepted an ambassadorial role for Qatar ahead of the World Cup, a move that attracted a payment of £150 million over 10 years. Despite controversies surrounding human rights and LGBTQ+ issues in the Gulf state, Beckham advocated for Qatar hosting the tournament.

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In a more personal revelation, Beckham’s recent Netflix documentary provided fans with insights into his life and career, showcasing his mindset and reflecting on his respect for the monarchy. Notably, he demonstrated this respect by queuing alongside the public for over 13 hours to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II.

As the football icon navigates these twists and turns, the elusive knighthood remains a topic of speculation and disappointment for both Beckham and his legion of fans. The question lingers: Will Beckham’s contributions to the sport ever be crowned with the coveted title of ‘Sir’?


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