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Meghan Markle’s strained relations with Prince Harry’s friends worry the Royal family



Harry’s transition to the US and severed ties with old friends cause concern, as Meghan reportedly dislikes his former circle

Prince Harry‘s transition to life in the US, away from his traditional “pheasant-shooting friends,” is reportedly being embraced by Meghan Markle. Royal experts claim that Meghan “doesn’t get on” with Harry’s old friends, a sentiment that appears mutual.

Since their marriage in 2018 and subsequent move to the US in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have distanced themselves from many of Harry’s former friends. This shift in relationships is reportedly not troubling for the couple. A royal commentator suggests they are “happy to forget” their past life.

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Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster and a close friend of Harry is set to marry soon. However, Harry will not attend the wedding, despite his previous close ties with Grosvenor. This decision underscores the widening rift between Harry and his old circle of friends.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn told the Mirror, “Harry hates the idea of completely losing touch with his old Etonian and army friends. He was close to Hugh Grosvenor, but attending a wedding where his brother is an usher feels like history repeating itself in the most painful way.” Quinn noted that missing the wedding, while difficult, aligns with Harry’s desire to leave behind friendships that Meghan reportedly dislikes.

Meghan’s distaste for Harry’s “woke-hating, pheasant-shooting” friends reflects a broader disapproval of their past lifestyle. The relationship between Harry and Hugh van Cutsem, another old friend, has also soured. Van Cutsem’s collaboration with Jeremy Clarkson, known for his critical remarks about Meghan, is seen by Harry as a significant betrayal.

Quinn elaborated, “Many of Harry’s old friends, especially from the military and Eton, just don’t get on with Meghan. Van Cutsem’s decision to work with Jeremy Clarkson, famous for his savage attacks on Meghan, is seen by Harry as an unforgivable betrayal.” This development further distances Harry from his former social circle.

The strained relationships extend beyond social preferences. Harry’s autobiography “Spare,” released in 2023, detailed the backlash he faced from close friends following his and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. Harry recounted how friends, including Hugh van Cutsem and Emilie van Cutsem, criticized him for revealing family details publicly.

Rosie Astor, van Cutsem’s spouse, seemingly took a swipe at Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back from royal duties. In 2020, she posted on social media, “I am standing back as a senior member of my tax return, because I’d rather drink coffee, see my friends, love my family and do yoga.” This post added to the public perception of a rift between Harry and his old friends.

The shifting dynamics within Harry’s social circle have not gone unnoticed by the royal family. Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly concerned about these changes. The growing distance between Harry and his former friends, coupled with Meghan’s reported dislike for them, adds complexity to an already strained family relationship.

Quinn commented, “For William and Kate, an alliance between Harry and Meghan and the few remaining friends they have is a huge worry. It’s compounded by the fact that Kate, dealing with her health issues, is less able to manage these family dynamics.”

As Harry and Meghan continue to forge their new life in the US, the loss of old friendships signifies a significant shift. The royal family’s concern reflects the broader implications of these changes, both within the family and in the public eye. The couple’s evolving social connections highlight ongoing tensions and the challenges of balancing personal choices with public expectations.

Analysis :

The evolving social dynamics between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Harry’s former friends present a multifaceted issue. Politically, the situation reflects broader tensions within the royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s distance from Harry’s old friends and their alignment with certain family members signify shifting alliances that could impact the family’s public image and internal cohesion.

Economically, the royal family’s public perception influences their relevance and support. The strained relationships and resulting media coverage can sway public opinion, potentially affecting the monarchy’s stability. The cost of managing public relations and maintaining a positive image requires careful navigation of these personal dynamics.

Sociologically, the situation underscores the challenges of maintaining personal relationships amidst public and familial pressures. The royal family, with its highly scrutinized roles, must balance personal preferences with public expectations. Harry and Meghan’s evolving social connections highlight the complexity of their transition from royal duties to private life.

From a local perspective, the public’s reaction to these social changes can shape the narrative around the royal family. Support for different family members varies, influenced by their actions and public statements. Harry and Meghan’s distancing from certain friends may garner both sympathy and criticism, reflecting broader societal divisions.

Gender considerations play a significant role in this context. Meghan’s reported dislike for Harry’s friends and the subsequent changes in their social circle reflect broader themes of marital influence and social compatibility. The gendered expectations of royal women and their influence on their spouses’ social lives are evident in this situation.

The theoretical perspectives on social relationships and public roles offer insights into the complexities faced by Harry and Meghan. The transition from a royal to a private life involves navigating significant personal and social changes. Understanding these dynamics requires a nuanced approach that considers individual motivations and broader social influences.

In conclusion, the shifting relationships between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Harry’s old friends highlight the challenges of balancing personal choices with public and familial responsibilities. The royal family’s concern reflects the broader implications of these changes, underscoring the ongoing tensions and complexities within their social and public roles.


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