Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Roy Keane blasts “arrogant” Virgil Van Dijk over criticism of Manchester United



Fiery exchange erupts as Liverpool captain claims only one team tried to win

In a heated exchange following Sunday’s 0-0 draw between Liverpool and Manchester United, former United legend Roy Keane delivered a scathing rebuke to Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk for his post-match comments. Van Dijk, visibly frustrated after Liverpool failed to breach a resilient United, claimed in an interview that “there was only one team trying to win the game.”

Despite Liverpool’s dominance with 34 shots to United’s six and nearly double the expected goals, the match ended in a draw. Keane, unimpressed by Van Dijk’s remarks, accused the Dutch defender of arrogance and reminded him of Liverpool’s limited success in recent years.

“We heard Van Dijk speaking, obviously some arrogance coming out of him dissing United like that,” Keane retorted. “He needs to be reminded himself; he’s playing for a team that’s only won one title in 30-odd years.”

Keane, a former United captain, dismissed Van Dijk’s claim that only one team was attempting to win, emphasizing that Liverpool had opportunities but failed to capitalize. The discussion escalated further when Daniel Sturridge, also working as a pundit for Sky Sports, attempted to defend Van Dijk. Keane, however, stood firm, labeling Van Dijk’s comments as arrogance and asserting that sometimes players need a reality check.

“Sometimes you shouldn’t get carried away with yourself,” Keane remarked, urging Van Dijk to remember Liverpool’s struggles and not to disrespect other clubs.

The exchange highlighted the tension between the two footballing giants and added a fiery narrative to the aftermath of the closely contested match.


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