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Roman town frozen in time: Interamna Lirenas rediscovered, unveiling 1,500-year-old secrets



Archaeologists astonished by a remarkable Roman settlement with roofs intact, abandoned for mysterious reasons

A lost jewel of the Roman Empire, Interamna Lirenas, has been uncovered after 1,500 years of obscurity, captivating archaeologists with its well-preserved structures. Initially misidentified as a small settlement in the 1980s, this town, located between Rome and Naples, has now been revealed as a thriving hub featuring houses, a temple, baths, and a roofed theatre.

Unlike Pompeii, its abandonment wasn’t due to a natural disaster but appears to be a collective decision by its residents for reasons still unknown. The 13-year excavation, led by Dr. Alessandro Launaro at the University of Cambridge, sheds light on the town’s strategic importance and resilient regional networks that allowed life to continue even after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Dr. Launaro noted, “Interamna Lirenas continually played its cards right, forging relations while thriving as a trading hub.” The town exhibited social mobility, featuring houses of varying sizes and status symbols side by side.

 With its roofed theatre being a major status symbol, the town’s basilica, bathhouses, and diverse housing showcase its wealth, power, and ambition. Dr. Launaro’s comprehensive study, featured in the new book ‘Roman Urbanism in Italy,’ unravels the mysteries of this remarkable Roman settlement.


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