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Robot ‘Attack’ leaves engineer injured and raises concerns over worker safety



Reports of accidents surge as concerns mount over safety risks posed by Tesla’s robotic workforce

Recent reports shed light on alarming incidents at Tesla’s Giga Texas Factory, with claims of an aggressive robot attack on an engineer, leaving a trail of blood across the factory floor. Concerns regarding the safety of Tesla’s automated workforce have escalated, prompting questions about the accuracy of accident reporting and overall worker well-being.

An attorney representing contract laborers at Tesla raised concerns about the underreporting of workplace accidents, revealing that one in every 21 Giga Texas workers suffered on-the-job injuries in 2022. The attorney alleges evidence of accidents, including a fatal incident in 2021, not accurately documented in Tesla’s reports submitted to the county for tax incentives.

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The most recent incident involved a robot allegedly malfunctioning and attacking an engineer who was disabling nearby Tesla robots. Eyewitnesses described a disturbing scene as the robot pinned down the worker, causing injuries that led to blood on the factory floor. The injury report submitted indicated a hand wound, minimizing the severity of the incident.

Attorney Hannah Alexander expressed concern over potential discrepancies in accident reporting, stating, “We’ve had multiple workers who were injured and one worker who died, whose injuries or death are not in these reports that Tesla is supposed to be accurately completing.”

Tesla’s accident rate, with one in 21 workers experiencing on-the-job injuries in 2021, surpasses the industry standard of one in 30. The attorney further emphasized the alleged failure to report injuries accurately, citing the death of worker Antelmo Ramírez in 2021, which reportedly went unrecorded.

As Tesla faces scrutiny over its robotic workforce and safety protocols, the company is yet to respond to requests for comments on the matter.


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