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Rihanna shares the joys and challenges of being a ‘boy mom’ amidst Fenty Beauty ventures



At a recent event, Rihanna opened up about how motherhood has reshaped her identity and deepened her appreciation for femininity while managing a thriving beauty empire

Rihanna, the global music icon and entrepreneur, recently provided a rare insight into her life as a mother to two young sons, highlighting the unique challenges and joys it brings. Speaking at the launch party for Fenty Beauty’s new foundation line, the singer discussed how raising her boys has influenced her personal and professional life.

“It makes me feel really cool to be a boy mom,” Rihanna told E! News at the event. Her journey into motherhood has allowed her to explore the dynamics of femininity in a household that is otherwise dominated by male energy. With her partner A$AP Rocky and their sons, RZA, nearly 2 years old, and Riot, 8 months old, Rihanna is the sole female figure in her family.

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This role has prompted Rihanna to embrace her femininity more openly and consciously. “I get to be as casual and busted as I want to, but it also forces me to embrace the epic things about being a woman and a female,” she explained. Her newfound embrace of femininity is evident even in small choices, like wearing pink more often, a colour she feels embodies her feminine side.

Amidst her responsibilities as a mother, Rihanna continues to lead her Fenty Beauty empire, which has become known for its inclusivity and innovation. The launch event marked the brand’s most significant product debut since 2017, and Rihanna appeared in a stunning golden dress designed by Alexander McQueen and styled by Jahleel Weaver. Yet, she admitted that motherhood has influenced her fashion choices, often opting for simplicity and comfort, fluctuating between wearing jerseys and elegant dresses.

Motherhood has not only affected Rihanna’s fashion sensibilities but also instilled a deeper sense of purpose in all her endeavours. “They bring purpose to every aspect of my life,” she remarked about her sons. Her role as a mother has made her more intentional in her actions, particularly when work commitments require time away from her children.

Despite the demands of her career, Rihanna prioritizes her role as a mother above all. She is determined to shield her children from the intense scrutiny of the Hollywood spotlight while celebrating their individual personalities and developmental milestones. Each son, she noted, brings a distinct set of experiences and joys to her life, highlighting their unique characteristics and developmental journeys.

As she navigates the challenges of balancing a high-profile career and motherhood, Rihanna’s experience underscores the transformative impact of parenting. It’s a chapter of her life that she finds empowering, illuminating the multifaceted role of women in both public and private spheres


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