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Official lineups: Real Sociedad vs. Real Madrid; Liga F clash



Real Madrid fields strong XI with Chavas starting as goalkeeper against Real Sociedad

DONOSTIA — As Liga F nears its conclusion, Real Madrid travels to face Real Sociedad in a crucial encounter for the 28th matchday. Coach Alberto Toril has announced his starting XI for the match, with notable changes aimed at securing a vital victory.

Chavas starts in goal, giving regular keeper Misa a well-deserved rest. The central defence features the partnership of Rocío and Ivana, with Svava and Oihane covering the fullback positions. In midfield, Teresa and Toletti anchor the centre, supported by Møller in the #10 role. Leading the attack is Signe Bruun, flanked by Linda and Athenea on the wings. This lineup showcases a balanced 4-2-3-1 formation, designed to control the midfield and provide width in the attack.

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REAL MADRID XI: Chavas; Teresa, Rocío, Ivana, Toletti, Bruun, Oihane, Møller, Linda C., Athenea, Svava

Substitutes: Misa; K. Robles, Olga, M. Oroz, Kathellen, Raso, Feller, Freja Siri, Olaya, María Valle

Real Sociedad counters with a strong lineup, fielding a 4-3-3 formation. Lete starts in goal, with a defensive line of Apari, I. Arnaiz, Etxezarreta, and Andreia. The midfield trio includes Franssi, N. Eizagirre, and Cecilia, while the forward line is led by Izarne, Jensen, and Viles, aiming to capitalize on home advantage.

REAL SOCIEDAD XI: Lete; Apari, I. Arnaiz, Etxezarreta, Andreia, Franssi, N. Eizagirre, Cecilia, Izarne, Jensen, Viles

Substitutes: O, Santana, Amaiur, Jacqueline, Mirari, Lorena, Emma, Bernabé, E. Guridi

Kick-off is set for 16:30 CEST and will be broadcast by DAZN. Fans can expect a competitive match as both teams aim to secure crucial points in the closing stages of the season. Real Madrid, currently pushing for a strong finish, will rely on their attacking prowess and solid defensive setup to overcome a resilient Real Sociedad side.


This match presents several intriguing dynamics from a strategic and tactical perspective. Real Madrid’s lineup reflects a mix of experience and tactical adjustments, particularly with the inclusion of Chavas in goal. This decision allows Misa to rest, demonstrating Toril’s confidence in his squad depth. The defence, anchored by Rocío and Ivana, is expected to provide stability, while the fullbacks, Svava and Oihane, will likely contribute to both defensive duties and attacking support.

The midfield setup, with Teresa and Toletti, aims to control the game’s tempo and provide a link between defence and attack. Møller’s role as a #10 will be crucial in creating opportunities and supporting Bruun, who leads the attack. The presence of Linda and Athenea on the wings offers width and pace, essential for stretching Real Sociedad’s defence.

Real Sociedad’s 4-3-3 formation indicates a balanced approach, with a focus on midfield dominance and attacking flexibility. Lete in goal will need to be alert to Real Madrid’s varied attacking threats. The defensive line, led by Etxezarreta, must be cohesive to counteract the pace and creativity of Madrid’s wingers.

In midfield, Franssi and N. Eizagirre will play pivotal roles in breaking up Madrid’s play and initiating counterattacks. Cecilia’s positioning and movement will be key in linking up with the forward trio of Izarne, Jensen, and Viles, who will aim to exploit any defensive lapses from Real Madrid.

From an economic perspective, high-profile matches like this enhance the visibility and marketability of Liga F, attracting sponsorships and broadcasting deals. The performances of star players, particularly in decisive matches, can influence their market value and future transfers.

Sociologically, the involvement of women in top-tier football underscores progress towards gender equity in sports. The visibility of Liga F, coupled with competitive matches, promotes greater interest and participation in women’s football, inspiring young athletes and challenging traditional gender norms.

In conclusion, the match between Real Sociedad and Real Madrid is set to be a tactical battle with significant implications for both teams. Real Madrid’s lineup changes and strategic approach reflect their ambition to secure a strong finish, while Real Sociedad will leverage their home advantage and balanced formation to challenge the visitors. The outcome will likely hinge on key individual performances and tactical executions, providing a thrilling spectacle for fans.


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