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Shrimp tacos recipe: A quick and flavorful dinner option



Discover how to make easy and delicious Shrimp tacos in under 45 minutes for a perfect weeknight meal

Shrimp tacos stand out as a delightful choice for a quick and tasty dinner, easily prepared in under 45 minutes. This recipe guides you through creating a dish that balances the juicy, pan-seared shrimp with the crunch of fresh cabbage slaw, all wrapped in a charred corn tortilla. The addition of a spicy jalapeno-garlic crema turns this into a meal that’s hard to resist.

Choosing the right tortilla is crucial for the perfect taco experience. While corn tortillas are the traditional choice, offering a distinct aroma and flavour, flour tortillas can also make a tasty alternative. The recipe is flexible, allowing personal preferences to shine through.

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The toppings on a shrimp taco should be simple yet impactful. This recipe suggests a mix of shredded cabbage, cilantro, scallion, and lime juice for freshness and crunch. The seafood tacos are then completed with a creamy and tangy crema, enhanced with pickled jalapeño, garlic, and lime. For those preferring a smoother sauce, a quick blend of the crema ingredients will achieve the desired consistency.

Serving shrimp tacos with sides such as corn salsa or cilantro-lime rice can elevate the meal further, offering a customizable dining experience. Other great additions include a black bean and corn salad, coleslaw, or grilled avocados.

To make this dish, you’ll need medium shrimp, taco seasoning, garlic, scallions, sour cream, pickled jalapeños, mayonnaise, limes, green and red cabbage, cilantro, a neutral oil, corn tortillas, avocado, and radishes. The preparation involves seasoning and cooking the shrimp, making the slaw and crema, and assembling the tacos on toasted tortillas. The combination of seasoned and seared shrimp with the crisp slaw and creamy crema on a toasted tortilla promises a meal that is both satisfying and delicious.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or trying your hand at making tacos for the first time, this shrimp tacos recipe is straightforward and sure to impress. Let us know how your shrimp tacos turn out by leaving a comment below!


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