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Queen Camilla shares “magical” Christmas tea with brave schoolgirl after King Charles global peace plea



Monarch delights in heartwarming encounter with seven-year-old Olivia Taylor, recently diagnosed with a brain tumor

Queen Camilla shared a heartwarming Christmas tea with seven-year-old Olivia Taylor, a brave schoolgirl recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. The delightful encounter took place at Windsor Castle, just hours after King Charles called for global peace amid increasing tragic conflicts worldwide.

The sweet photos captured the magical moment as Camilla and Olivia shared a private tea in the White Drawing Room. Olivia, full of excitement, greeted the Queen with a cheerful “Hello, your majesty” and leaped with joy when Camilla entered the room.

During their tea, Olivia expressed her love for tea, prompting the Queen to playfully respond, “Oh, you love tea, there you are, you’ll be able to have tea from now on.” Olivia, accompanied by her four-year-old sister Imogen and parents Lisa and Matt, enjoyed a delightful spread of sandwiches, scones, Santa cakes, and personalized biscuits.

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The meeting was arranged after the Queen learned that Olivia had performed with the Bexley Music Primary Choir at Buckingham Palace as part of the pre-recorded King’s Christmas broadcast. Olivia treated the Queen to a preview of her singing talents, standing up and singing “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” earning a round of applause.

Olivia, who has been undergoing chemotherapy for most of her life, took a break from treatment, and her mother shared the positive news with the Queen. Camilla remarked on Olivia’s happiness and chattiness during the tea.

The heartwarming moments continued as Olivia introduced her teddy “Corrie” to the Queen, explaining how the teddy accompanies her to hospital appointments and even joins her in the MRI scanner. Olivia presented the Queen with a handmade purple ring, which Camilla praised as “beautiful” before putting it on.

The Queen generously gifted Olivia and Imogen a bag filled with presents, including a corgi teddy, chocolate chip shortbread, corgi socks, and other festive treats. Camilla playfully suggested changing the corgi-themed gifts to Jack Russell terriers in the future, revealing she has one herself.

The memorable encounter concluded with hugs and kisses from the Queen, who expressed admiration for Olivia’s bravery and requested updates on her progress. The family posed for a photo with the Queen, and both sisters curtseyed—a skill they had been practicing.

Following their tea, Olivia explored the Crimson Drawing Room, where she touched various items, including a Christmas tree, glass from a chandelier, and Coronation replicas. Olivia shared her excitement, stating she “loved meeting the Queen,” and her mother described the experience as “absolutely amazing.”

Mrs. Taylor expressed gratitude for the opportunity to create happy memories during Olivia’s break from chemotherapy. She praised Camilla as warm, friendly, and kind, highlighting Olivia’s resilient spirit and emphasizing that disabilities don’t define people. The family, living in the present, cherishes the sensory experiences of smells, tastes, and touches.


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