Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

‘Prophet of Doom’ Psychic Unveils Chilling Forecasts for 2024 – Brace Yourselves for a Rollercoaster Year



British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker shares ominous visions including global cyber attacks, natural disasters, and a Russia-china alliance

As 2024 unfolds, British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, famously dubbed the ‘Prophet of Doom,’ has emerged with a series of unsettling predictions that he claims to have foreseen in his visions. Known for accurately predicting Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic, the presidency of Donald Trump, and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Hamilton-Parker’s track record has garnered attention.

In a recent Youtube video, the 69-year-old spiritual medium outlined his visions for the year ahead, presenting a mix of alarming prophecies and a glimmer of hope. Among his predictions are global cyber attacks, natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and a concerning ‘Russia-China alliance.’

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Hamilton-Parker voiced his concerns about the ongoing alliance between Russia and China, a prediction he made in 2015. He stated, “So one of my first predictions is about this Russian and China alliance, which I think is very important at the moment.” He linked it to a shrinking Russian economy and an arms deal with China, particularly citing developments related to the Ukraine conflict.

However, amidst the gloom, the psychic foresees a positive breakthrough. He predicts a cure for cancer within the next twelve months, tied to advancements in artificial intelligence. Hamilton-Parker anticipates significant strides in the medical field, including breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s research.

Despite this hopeful note, the ‘Prophet of Doom’ paints a grim picture for the rest of the year. He anticipates major cyber attacks, with a particular mention of spyware that could impact banking systems. Natural disasters, including earthquakes in America and Italy, as well as significant floods affecting London and Europe, are also part of his visions.

Hamilton-Parker specifically points to a substantial earthquake along the west coast of America, extending as far as Mexico City. He envisions ‘big floods’ engulfing London and Europe, with Germany facing significant consequences.

As the psychic delivers his unsettling predictions for the year, many are left to ponder what 2024 has in store, hoping that, at the very least, some positive prophecies come to fruition.


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