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Princess Kate breaks tradition, sets new rules for Prince Louis’ birthday



Royal couple’s decision spurs speculation amid health concerns

Princess Kate, the Duchess of Wales, made headlines today as she broke with tradition on Prince Louis’ birthday, opting not to release a photo of him ahead of the special day. This unexpected move has sparked speculation among royal watchers, particularly in light of recent health concerns surrounding the Duchess.

In an interview with GB News, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield suggested that Princess Kate is “setting new rules” for how the royal family shares information about their children. “I don’t think it’s unfair if the Prince and Princess of Wales decide to set new boundaries,” Schofield remarked. She referenced the couple’s frustration with online speculation and conspiracy theories earlier this year, hinting that they may be taking steps to protect their privacy.

Typically, the Waleses mark their children’s birthdays by publishing a photo, but this year, things are different. The decision not to release a picture of Prince Louis comes amidst a tumultuous time for the royal family. In January, Princess Kate stepped back from her royal duties due to planned abdominal surgery, leading to widespread speculation about her absence. Then, in March, she announced her cancer diagnosis, putting an end to the rumours.

When asked whether the lack of a birthday photo is a “punishment,” Schofield suggested that it’s simply not a priority for the royal couple. “We did hear from sources last month that they did intend to release a photo,” she said, “but it may not be a priority this time around.” She also noted that Kate is usually the one who takes the photographs and has faced criticism in the past.

Despite the absence of a photo, the royal family is still celebrating in their own way. It’s a tradition for the Princess of Wales to stay up all night to bake a cake for her children’s birthdays, and Prince Louis’ special day is no exception. “She loves the look on their faces when they wake up the next morning,” Schofield explained. “That sugar rush is waiting, ready to go, and Louis is everyone’s favourite royal.”

As speculation continues to swirl, it’s clear that Princess Kate’s decision to break with tradition has sparked intrigue among royal observers


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