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Prince Andrew embroiled in new Epstein files: Lawyer claims duke ‘too big’ for alleged bath assault



Explosive court documents unveil Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer challenge to Virginia Guiffre’s claims against Prince Andrew

In the latest revelations from the bombshell court documents related to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew finds himself once again under scrutiny. Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer, Philip Barden, has disputed Virginia Guiffre’s allegations of sexual assault by asserting that Prince Andrew was “too big for the bath” where the purported incident occurred.

The unveiled court files, consisting of over 1000 pages, include emails, depositions, and legal papers spanning the 2010s, made public by a US judge last week. Originating from a 2015 lawsuit filed by Guiffre against Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell, these documents shed light on the complex web of accusations surrounding high-profile figures.

In a peculiar turn of events, Maxwell’s lawyer challenges Guiffre’s credibility by pointing to conflicting statements made by her. Barden claims that, before the December 2014 filing, Guiffre had clearly stated she did not have sex with Prince Andrew. However, the joinder motion later contradicts this, alleging a sexual encounter in a small bathtub, which Barden argues was impractical for a man of Prince Andrew’s size.

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A bizarre image released by Maxwell’s brother, Ian Maxwell, is referenced as “proof” that Guiffre’s claims were untrue. The image, depicting two people in improvised masks representing Prince Andrew and Guiffre in a small bathtub, was released last year.

The court documents also reveal the existence of a secret online server called MindSpring, allegedly used by Epstein to issue orders to his household staff. Furthermore, claims emerge that Maxwell hid some of her email accounts during the 2015 defamation case, a charge she denied at the time.

These revelations add a new layer to the already intricate legal saga surrounding Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew. While Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year sentence for sex trafficking, Prince Andrew settled a lawsuit with Guiffre in February 2022. Despite settling for a reported £10 million, Prince Andrew maintains his innocence and denies any recollection of meeting Virginia Guiffre.

The unsealed court files continue to unravel the lurid details of the allegations against key figures, providing a comprehensive yet contentious account of the events connected to the Epstein scandal.


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