Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Prepare for takeoff: Exciting changes to travel rules in 2024 – What you need to know



From 100ml liquid rule changes to new tourist taxes – Your ultimate guide to smooth travels

Get ready to jet set in 2024 as the UK unveils major changes to hand luggage policies and European travel rules, promising a travel experience like never before. Buckle up for a rundown of the upcoming transformations that will shape your travel adventures.

Taking Off with Two Litres: The 100ml Liquid Rule Lifted!

In a game-changing move, passengers flying from UK airports can rejoice as the infamous 100ml liquids rule is set to bid adieu by June 2024. The UK government has greenlit the nationwide upgrade of airport security scanners, with London City leading the charge. These cutting-edge scanners not only expedite security procedures but also liberate jet-setters from the shackles of miniature toiletries, making pre-flight shopping sprees a thing of the past.

Tip for Travelers: While the rule change applies to UK airports, be sure to check destination rules for your return journey, as the 100ml liquids rule may still hold sway on the other side.

Smooth Sailing for Families: E-Gates for Young Flyers

Families are in for a treat as the minimum age for using e-Gates has dropped to 10, streamlining airport journeys. These futuristic gates, operational in 13 UK airports and Eurostar terminals in Brussels and Paris, promise a hassle-free experience for young jet-setters and their parents.

Passport Protocols: Navigating Post-Brexit Rules

Post-Brexit, ensure your UK passport is less than a decade old on your travel day, with at least three months validity post-return. Beware of misinformation, as even airport staff might trip up on these regulations. Keep an eye out for passport damage that could render it invalid.

Digital Overdrive: New EU Entry/Exit System

Brace yourselves for the Entry/Exit System (EES) set to roll out in autumn 2024 for non-EU citizens entering EU countries. A digital odyssey, EES captures fingerprints and facial images, aiming to streamline entry processes. While time-saving is the goal, Brits are warned of potential delays and queues.

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Visa Vibes: A Changing Landscape

The visa terrain is ever-shifting, with various countries tweaking entry requirements. From Kosovo’s January visa-free regime to the ongoing digitalization of visas in the Schengen Area, expect a dynamic landscape. Keep tabs on changes as an automated IT system and the EU Travel Information & Authorisation System (ETIAS) enter the scene.

Taxing Travels: Brace for Impact

As destinations grapple with soaring tourist numbers, expect an upswing in tourist taxes. Venice leads the charge with a €5 day-trip fee, while Paris and Amsterdam follow suit with increased levies. Research your destination’s tax landscape before booking, as these levies can significantly pad your holiday expenses.

Paris 2024: Olympics and Pricier Metro Rides

For those planning to be in Paris during the 2024 Olympics, brace for impact. Single metro journeys will surge to €4, nearly doubling the normal fare. A special Paris 2024 transport pass will be introduced, with prices expected to spike by 85%, according to a Deloitte study commissioned by Airbnb.

Airspace Alert: Navigating Conflict Zones

Be cautious of airspace restrictions due to conflicts, affecting routes over Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. The resolution of these conflicts in 2024 could potentially lower ticket prices by opening up airspace and increasing capacity.

Buckle up for a year of transformative travel! Stay informed, plan ahead, and get ready to explore the skies with these exciting changes taking flight in 2024. Safe travels!


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