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Predator’s crocodile tears: Loui Cadman’s disturbing confession unveiled



Chilling police interview exposes Cadman’s deceptive emotions

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In a spine-chilling revelation, the unsettling police interview of Loui Cadman has been broadcast on Channel 4’s “24 Hours In Police Custody,” laying bare the disturbing details of his assault on a woman in an alleyway. The 25-year-old, who had previously claimed to be moved to tears even by stepping on an ant, was caught on CCTV prowling the streets of Leighton Buzzard, Beds, in November last year.

The shocking footage shows Cadman following his “vulnerable” victim, whom he had observed leaving a bar. Captured on camera, he filmed the woman without her knowledge, making derogatory comments about her body parts. The twisted three-minute video, admitted to by Cadman, served as a precursor to an even more horrifying act – the oral rape of his victim.

Bedfordshire Police swiftly arrested Cadman near the scene, and his arrest was captured on CCTV. During his subsequent police interview, aired on Sunday night, Cadman displayed a callous lack of remorse, denying the assault while admitting to filming the victim without her consent.

In an attempt to manipulate emotions, Cadman tearfully declared to Detective Shona Birkby, “I cry when I stand on an ant or a fly. I couldn’t hurt someone like that.” However, the chilling confession continues as he admits to the voyeuristic act, stating, “It’s disgusting, I don’t know why I’ve done it. I’ve let down my son and my family.”

As the trial unfolded at Luton Crown Court, more damning evidence emerged. The victim, separated from her friends and without her mobile phone, sought help from bar door staff after the attack. Cadman’s phone revealed additional videos of unsuspecting young women and even an intimate video of a couple unaware they were being filmed.

In August, Cadman received a sentence of over nine years for charges including rape, voyeurism, possession of indecent images, and possession of cannabis. The judge deemed him a “danger to women,” describing his actions as “predatory” and “calculated.”

Detective Chief Inspector Michelle Lack emphasized the significance of the case, stating, “This episode [of the TV series] gives an insight into the work our Rape and Serious Sexual Offences team does to support victims and work with them to bring perpetrators of sexual violence and abuse to justice.”


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