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Police launch investigation after man found deceased in aircraft engine



A tragic incident unfolds as airport workers uncover disturbing scene

In a grim turn of events, airport workers at Salt Lake City International Airport made a horrifying discovery on 1 January 2024, as a 30-year-old man was found lifeless inside the engine of a commercial plane. The Salt Lake Police Department has initiated a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the man’s untimely demise.

The incident began unfolding around 10:10 pm when airport employees stumbled upon the unconscious individual within the wing-mounted engine of an aircraft. The Salt Lake City Police Department’s Airport Division, prompted by a report of a disturbance involving the passenger on the secured side of the terminal, swiftly responded to the scene.

According to a police report, the man had breached an emergency exit door, prompting airport personnel and police officers to intensify their search. The discovery of the man inside the engine intake cowling, a protective covering for the engine, raised immediate concerns.

Despite collaborative efforts from the Salt Lake City Fire Department, Airport Operations team, and SLCPD, attempts to revive the man proved futile, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Passengers on the affected plane were escorted off, and the area was secured for thorough processing and analysis by the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Crime Lab.

As of the latest update, the man’s identity and the cause of his death remain undisclosed, with the police withholding further information. Salt Lake City International Airport’s communications director, Nancy Volmer, shed light on the distressing incident, stating that the individual had entered an aircraft engine during deicing operations at the south end of the airport’s west runway. The plane, en route from SLC to San Francisco, belonged to Delta Airlines.

In response to the tragic incident, Delta Airlines affirmed its commitment to cooperation with aviation authorities and law enforcement investigations, emphasizing the paramount importance of safety and security.

This shocking event has left the public, and authorities, grappling with unanswered questions as the investigation unfolds.


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