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Saturday June 22, 2024
Saturday June 22, 2024

PM Shehbaz pledges full support and security for Chinese investors during visit to China



Pakistani Prime Minister emphasizes business cooperation and invites Huawei to expand its presence in various sectors

During his visit to China, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif assured Chinese investors of comprehensive support and security for their projects in Pakistan. Addressing the Pakistan-China Business Forum in Shenzhen, he emphasized the importance of business-to-business collaboration between the two countries, highlighting potential investment opportunities across various sectors.

PM Shehbaz emphasized the significance of bilateral trade and investment, particularly in technology transfer, industry partnership, and renewable energy. Drawing inspiration from China’s economic model, he pledged to replicate its success in Pakistan and urged Pakistani businessmen to engage with their Chinese counterparts for mutual benefit.

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Highlighting Pakistan’s vast mineral deposits and export potential, PM Shehbaz encouraged investments in sectors such as textiles, steel, and agriculture. He underscored the government’s commitment to combating corruption and implementing structural reforms to facilitate investment and economic growth.

In a gesture of solidarity, PM Shehbaz expressed condolences for a recent terror attack on Chinese workers in Pakistan and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to ensuring their safety. He pledged to prioritize the security of Chinese workers, vowing to provide them with greater protection.

During his visit to Beijing, PM Shehbaz engaged in discussions with Chinese leaders, including President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Qiang, to further strengthen bilateral ties. He attended a Pakistan-China Friendship and Business event, where several Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) were expected to be signed, reflecting enhanced cooperation between the two nations.

At the headquarters of Huawei, a leading Chinese technology company, PM Shehbaz invited investment in Pakistan’s taxation and e-governance sectors. He encouraged Huawei to expand its involvement in Safe City projects across Pakistan and explore opportunities to modernize the agriculture sector.

PM Shehbaz’s visit culminated in the signing of a framework agreement between Huawei and Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Under this agreement, Huawei committed to providing free training in information technology to 200,000 youngsters, demonstrating its commitment to supporting Pakistan’s digital transformation.


Political Impact: PM Shehbaz’s pledge to support Chinese investors underscores Pakistan’s commitment to fostering strong economic ties with China. The visit and discussions with Chinese leaders signal a deepening of diplomatic relations and may have broader geopolitical implications in the region.

Social Reflection: The assurance of security for Chinese workers reflects Pakistan’s commitment to international cooperation and partnership. It highlights the importance of protecting foreign investments and promoting a conducive environment for economic development.

Psychological Aspect: PM Shehbaz’s emphasis on replicating China’s economic model may instill optimism among Pakistani citizens about the country’s economic prospects. The commitment to combating corruption and implementing reforms may also boost public confidence in the government’s ability to address key challenges.

Sociological Angle: The collaboration between Pakistan and Huawei in training young individuals in information technology reflects efforts to empower youth and promote digital literacy. This initiative could have a transformative impact on Pakistan’s workforce and contribute to socio-economic development.

Fashion Culture: While not directly related to fashion trends, PM Shehbaz’s visit to Huawei and discussions on technological advancements highlight the intersection of technology and culture. The adoption of modern technologies may influence societal norms and behaviours, shaping the future of Pakistan’s digital landscape.


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