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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Outraged bar-goers launch petition against NYC hotspot’s bizarre reservation rules



Favourite drinking spot turns into nightmare with controversial changes

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When your beloved watering hole suddenly alters its reservation rules, it can turn your go-to spot into a disappointing experience. This is precisely what occurred when the trendy NYC establishment, Hillstone, implemented a set of perplexing reservation rules, leaving its loyal customer base fuming and prompting them to take action.

Booking a seat in Murray Hill, or anywhere in NYC for that matter, can be a challenging task. Many places either refuse telephone reservations or provide an inconvenient number of seats, making the process a hassle. However, for Gabrielle Smith, who considered Hillstone in Murray Hill a haven, the once-perfect scenario took an unexpected turn.

As a regular patron, Smith was dismayed to discover new rules requiring customers to join a waitlist for bar seating, a significant departure from the previous ‘first-come, first-served’ policy. Additionally, the new regulations permit only parties of one or two at the bar, and patrons cannot order a drink until they secure a stool.

Baffled by these sudden changes, Smith took matters into her own hands, initiating a petition on Change.org. To her surprise, she wasn’t alone in her frustration. The petition garnered 870 signatures within a week and has now reached 1178 at the time of writing.

The petition emphasizes, “The first-come, first-served policy was not only fair but also added to the charm and character of the Hillstone bar. It allowed patrons to engage in friendly competition for seats and fostered camaraderie among regulars.”

With Hillstone closing its Midtown location, the Manhattan outpost now faces an uncertain future after angering its devoted following. Smith, accustomed to participating in a ‘survival of the fittest’ competition for bar seats, finds herself at a loss.

Her routine of finding a seat, ordering a chicken sandwich, and mingling with fellow patrons has been disrupted by these new reservation arrangements. Professing to have a ‘Hillstone addiction,’ she can’t bear to say goodbye to the place she loves.

After discussing the issue with other customers, Smith realized that many shared her sentiments. In an attempt to rally support, she and a friend circulated the petition around the restaurant, leading to a ‘hysterical’ response from patrons who eagerly forwarded it to their friends.

However, the managerial team caught wind of the petition and attempted to suppress it. As patrons band together to preserve their cherished spot, the question remains: How far would you go to keep your favourite bar unchanged?


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