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Outrage brews as restaurant stuns diners with ‘bizarre’ health insurance fee



Customers fume over unexpected surcharge for staff health coverage

In a gastronomic twist, a restaurant in Cabbagetown, Atlanta, has ignited a storm of discontent after slipping a rather unconventional item onto its patrons’ bills — a ‘Health Insurance fee.’ The unexpected charge, amounting to $2.02, has left diners scratching their heads and expressing their displeasure.

The establishment in question, JenChan’s, known for its delectable Chinese food and pizza, is facing backlash as customers question the rationale behind this seemingly out-of-place fee. One customer, who spent $50.50 on food and drink, was met with an additional $2.02 charge for ‘Health Insurance,’ sparking an uproar online.

The receipt, posted on Reddit, revealed a message explaining the 4% Health Insurance Surcharge, positioned pre-tax. The restaurant defended its decision, citing a commitment to the well-being of its staff and asserting that the modest fee contributes to providing health insurance for all full-time employees. The statement acknowledged the challenges of the restaurant industry and highlighted the importance of supporting staff with healthcare coverage.

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However, the diners weren’t biting. Criticism flooded in, with some dubbing the fee ‘absurd.’ One disgruntled customer remarked, “We care about our employees… but not enough to foot the bill for insurance. Soooooo we’re passing it off on you!”

The restaurant, responding to the online outcry, issued a statement on Facebook, expressing regret for any confusion caused. The owners, The Chans, clarified that the fee had been clearly stated on both the menu and receipts for the past year. They urged patrons to consider the struggles faced by small, independent restaurants, emphasizing their commitment to doing their best amid challenging circumstances.

As the controversy simmers, the incident has reignited the debate around unexpected fees in the service industry, prompting questions about transparency and whether such charges should be embedded in overall pricing.


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