Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Outrage as bride considers ‘no show fee’ for guests who cancelled last minute



Australian bride sparks debate over charging absentees after spending thousands on lavish wedding

Planning a wedding is renowned for its stress-inducing intricacies, from venue selection to outfit choices and navigating familial dynamics. However, one Australian bride found herself at the center of controversy after ten confirmed guests failed to attend her meticulously arranged wedding, prompting her to consider imposing a ‘no show fee.’

Venting her frustration on the She’s on the Money podcast, the bride revealed the ordeal of last-minute cancellations, leaving her scrambling to cover the costs of the unoccupied seats. With a paid outstanding amount of $12,426 and a confirmed guest list provided to the venue one week prior to the wedding, the sudden dropouts posed a financial threat, potentially leaving her out of pocket for $1,336.

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The bride explained that the absentee guests, who had initially RSVP’d and later cited financial constraints for canceling, had been given 18 months notice, receiving save-the-dates before formal invitations were sent out in January 2023.

Listeners of the podcast were split in their opinions, with a slight majority (51%) leaning towards supporting the bride’s contemplation of requesting the guests to cover the costs. Opinions varied, with one stating, “No one books flights for an interstate wedding the week prior. The guest is 100% at fault here and is not a nice friend for doing this,” while another argued, “If you can’t afford to cover the cost, then have a cheaper wedding.”

The bride’s predicament highlights the financial strain and emotional toll that unforeseen cancellations can impose on couples planning their special day. As social media buzzes with opinions on whether a ‘no show fee’ is justifiable, the broader question of financial etiquette and responsibilities surrounding wedding attendance has taken center stage.


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