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Highlights from the 2024 Olivier Awards: Sarah Snook and Nicole Scherzinger shine



The Olivier Awards celebrated outstanding achievements in theatre with memorable moments and significant wins, including Sarah Snook and Nicole Scherzinger.

The 2024 Olivier Awards, held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, brought together the luminaries of the theatre world for an evening of celebration and recognition of theatrical excellence. Australian actor Sarah Snook clinched the Best Actress award for her riveting performance in the one-woman production of “The Picture Of Dorian Gray,” marking a highlight of the evening.

Sarah Snook shared a quirky piece of Australian slang with the audience, explaining the term “chookas,” which means good luck. She linked it to an old theatre tradition where a successful show meant the actors could afford chicken for dinner. Given her award-winning performance and the success of her show, Snook humorously noted she’d be going home with plenty of “chicken.”

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Nicole Scherzinger also stood out, winning Best Actress in a Musical for her role in “Sunset Boulevard,” which dominated the awards with seven wins. Scherzinger, celebrated for her dynamic presence and vocal prowess, expressed her deep connection with London, describing it as a second home and praising the beloved British tradition of Sunday roast.

Another memorable moment came from Andrew Scott, who emphasized the importance of decentralizing theatre from London to make it accessible nationwide. Although he did not win Best Actor, his performance in “Vanya” was highly acclaimed and successfully extended to cinemas, broadening its reach.

James Norton discussed the intense emotional and physical demands of his role in “A Little Life,” describing it as one of his most challenging yet. The play, known for its harrowing content, earned Norton a nomination for Best Actor, showcasing his dedication and skill.

The evening also featured light-hearted moments, such as David Tennant’s eye-catching green velvet suit adorned with starry sequins, which he wore with evident pride. Tennant’s unique style choice added a touch of glamour and whimsy to the event, making him a standout on the green carpet.

Mark Gatiss won Best Actor for his portrayal of John Gielgud in “The Motive And The Cue,” humorously commenting on the irony of receiving an award for a role that critiques the concept of awards. His win highlighted the evening’s theme of celebrating artistic achievements while also acknowledging the subjective nature of such accolades.

Finally, the ceremony was not without its share of heartfelt and celebratory moments, exemplified by Arlene Phillips receiving her first Olivier Award at the age of 80 for her choreography in “Guys & Dolls.” Phillips’ win was a testament to her enduring influence and talent in the world of dance and theatre.


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