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Ohio woman sells home for three-year luxury cruise, only to face cancellation



Life at sea venture leaves traveler in limbo as cruise company struggles to secure ship

Keri Witman, an adventurous Ohio resident, made headlines after deciding to embark on a three-year luxury cruise, selling her house to fund the extraordinary journey. However, her dreams of sailing to 148 countries on a Life at Sea cruise have been dashed as the company faces challenges in securing a ship, resulting in the last-minute cancellation of the ambitious venture.

Witman, the head of a marketing agency, sought a stable way to travel while working remotely, ultimately choosing the Life at Sea cruise offering a three-year exploration across all seven continents. The trip, encompassing hundreds of ports, seemed like the perfect solution.

The financial aspect of the cruise appeared promising, with Witman calculating that the investment would cover accommodation, food, internet access, and medical care, starting at $38,500 per person per year for interior rooms.

Excited about the opportunity, Witman booked her place in April 2022, selling her house and downsizing her possessions in preparation for the November 1 departure from Istanbul, Turkey. However, Life at Sea repeatedly pushed back the departure date, citing difficulties in securing a suitable ship.

Despite her initial enthusiasm, Witman now finds herself in limbo, unsure of the cruise’s fate and contemplating a return to life on land. The company has informed passengers that no confirmed departure date is available, leading to disappointment and uncertainty among those eager to embark on this unique adventure.

Reflecting on the situation, Witman expressed her disappointment: “It was really disappointing to find out it wasn’t going to pan out.” While Life at Sea has promised full refunds to passengers, Witman remains optimistic about the possibility of participating in a lengthy cruise adventure in the future.

For now, the dream of a three-year luxury cruise remains adrift, leaving Witman and fellow travelers awaiting further developments from Life at Sea.


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