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Novak Djokovic withdraws from French Open due to knee injury, opening door for new champion



Defending champion’s MRI confirms torn meniscus, raising doubts for Wimbledon; Jannik Sinner set to claim world no 1 spot

Novak Djokovic’s bid for another French Open title has come to an abrupt halt as the Serbian tennis star withdraws from the tournament due to a knee injury sustained during his fourth-round match against Francisco Cerundolo.

Following his victory over Cerundolo, Djokovic underwent an MRI scan which revealed a torn medial meniscus in his right knee, rendering him unable to compete further in the tournament. The injury casts doubt on Djokovic’s participation in Wimbledon, which is set to commence on July 1.

Djokovic’s withdrawal not only paves the way for a new French Open men’s champion but also marks a significant shift in the tennis world rankings, with Italian player Jannik Sinner poised to claim the world No 1 spot for the first time in his career.

The defending champion attributed the injury to the slippery condition of the court, expressing frustration over the lack of maintenance during play. Djokovic’s determination to continue despite the injury underscores his resilience, as he battled through pain to secure victory in a marathon five-set match.

Having aimed for a fourth French Open title to extend his record-breaking grand slam tally, Djokovic’s premature exit from the tournament leaves him titleless in 2024 and raises concerns about the remainder of his season. With Wimbledon and the Olympic Games on the horizon, Djokovic faces a race against time to recover and compete at his best.

The void left by Djokovic’s absence sets the stage for Casper Ruud to advance to the semifinals, where he will face stiff competition from the likes of Alexander Zverev and other contenders vying for the coveted title.

Meanwhile, Jannik Sinner’s ascent to the world No 1 ranking marks a historic moment for Italian tennis, signaling a new era of talent and achievement in the sport.


Political Impact: Djokovic’s withdrawal reshapes the competitive landscape of tennis, impacting tournament dynamics and potentially altering the trajectory of players’ careers.

Social Reflection: The injury highlights the physical demands and risks faced by professional athletes, sparking discussions about player safety and the importance of court conditions in elite sports.

Psychological Aspect: Djokovic’s decision to continue playing despite the injury sheds light on the mental fortitude required to compete at the highest level of tennis, illustrating the resilience and determination of athletes in the face of adversity.

Sociological Angle: The changing of the guard at the top of the tennis rankings reflects broader shifts in the sport’s demographics and global representation, highlighting the emergence of new talent from diverse backgrounds.

Fashion Culture: While not directly related to fashion, Djokovic’s withdrawal and the subsequent reshuffling of tournament matchups contribute to the narratives and storylines that shape the cultural significance of tennis within the sports world.


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